Process Oils

MKR are the only authorised Shell Distributor for Process Oils in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Process Oils are special mineral oil products used to manufacture products in the chemical and technical industries. They are used either as an ingredient in a manufactured product or as an aid for processing a raw material or manufactured article. To separate this group of products from hydrocarbon solvents, this definition is only applied to those mineral oil products with an initial boiling point above 180 degrees centigrade.

Shell Process Oils are widely used as key components in the rubber, chemical and plastics industries. All products belonging to the wide range of both paraffinic and naphthenic Shell Process Oil brands listed below are unlabelled according to EU Substances Directive 67/548/EC:

  • Gravex – Naphthenic process oils
  • Edelex – High quality naphthenic process oils
  • Flavex –  Good solvency paraffinic process oils
  • Catenex S – Paraffinic process oils
  • Catenex T –  High quality paraffinic process oils
  • Risella X – GTL technical white oils (see separate web-page)
  • Ondina X – GTL technical white oils (see separate web-page)

To discover how Shell Process Oils can help transform your business, please contact your local MKR sales manager or e-mail us at for further details.