Glycerine is the by-product from the splitting of natural oils/fats during Fatty Acid production. However it is a most versatile product in its own right. Normally the crude product from Fatty Acid production is further refined to give a Pharmaceutical Grade product of min 99.5% purity. MKR supply Glycerine of vegetable origin only, as for most applications it is usually preferred over the tallow based product.

Cosmetics, Toiletries, Pharmaceuticals
Glycerine USP & BP 99.5% provide a high standard of purity, safety, consistency, colour and excellent odour characteristics for use as a moisture retention agent and medium for dispersion of other ingredients in toothpastes, cosmetics, soaps, cough syrups and pharmaceuticals.

Tobacco Industry
Glycerine is used as a humectant in the processing of tobacoo leaves. it is also used in the production of triacetin for cigarette filters.

Food Emulsifiers and Beverages
Glycerine is an important component in the production of Distilled Glycerol Monostearate and in beverages.

Polyols and Alkyd Resin
Glycerine has been used in the production of a wide range of polyols used in polyurethane. It is also an important raw material for alkyd resin for paints, imparting the right flow property, pour point and viscosity.